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The union for Sustainable Development - ECOVISION was established in 2001. One of the basic directions of the union is to introduce sustainable development principles on the local level, raise public awareness on environmental issues, and contribute to making our environment safer and healthier. ECOVISION has accomplished more than 100 projects, funded by international donor organizations, in the fields of environmental protection, energy, nature conservation, environmental education, and sustainable development.



is to form an environmentally conscious mindset among the local population by raising community awareness and encouraging behavioral change. We aim at integrating all three fundamental pillars of sustainable development - social, economic, and environmental into our everyday lives.


is to implement the concepts of sustainable development by promoting renewable and clean energy as an alternative source of energy, supporting energy-efficient programs, endorsing sustainable waste management, ensuring the improvement of the legal framework, and participating in the formation of various protected areas, including the preservation of biodiversity, and historical and cultural heritage.

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